Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hash #23: The Salem Halloween Hash

What: A CH3 Halloween Hash in Salem
Hare: Wang Chunks
When: Saturday, Oct 24th @ 1230p HST (We'll be departing the pre-lube NO LATER than 115p to catch the commuter rail)
Pre-Lube: Porter's Bar and Grill (173 Portland St, near North Station)
Hash Cash: $5 (beer only, food + commuter fare not included)
Promises: Witches, beer, cheap food, beer, spookiness, beer, old-timey baseball, beer and shenanigans

That's right, wankers and diddlers! Here's an opportunity to run amongst civilians dressed even sillier than you--and you can get there with everyone else--a few beers already in you--by commuter rail!

Salem-in-October attire is highly recommended--you don't want to be the only masshole in town looking "normal". Witches, warlocks, or whatever other random-ass ghoul-y things you can think of.

Opening circle will occur at 1:59pm at the Salem Commuter Rail stop.

Fortunately, for anyone coming from the Boston area, there's a train that departs North Station (on the Newburyport/Rockport line) at 1:30pm that will arrive at Salem at EXACTLY 1:59pm! Anyone planning to drive should be at the commuter rail station before the start of circle!

PRELUBE: For those coming from Boston, the pre-lube will be at Porter's Bar and Grill (173 Portland St, near North Station). Show up as early as noon if you like--grab some lunch with other hashers, and get the hell out of there soon enough to buy your commuter rail ticket for the 1:30pm train!

For those driving, I recommend you brown-bag it in the commuter rail parking lot.

HASH CASH: $5 for trail and religion beer, everyone is responsible for their own food, which is plentiful and cheap at the on-after. You are also responsible for your own commuter rail fare

RSVP is not required, but would be helpful for planning a thing or two. Let me know if you think you might make it out on Saturday,

Wang Chunks

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