Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hash Trash: Fri the 13th Change Your Luck Hash

Due to the lack of scribe for this hash, this recounting of the Change Your Luck Hash is guaranteed to be only 6.9% accurate.

Hare(s): Drippy Spigot, Krusty the Meat Miser, G-String (as gay bag car)
Pack: Floppy Dick, Bleeps Sweeps and Creeps, Nipples Erectus, Just Stina, Beat By a Girl, Dude Where's My Virginity, SATRAC, Crucifux, General Ass Pounder, Tonya Hardon, Pubic Service Announcement, Jolly Green Vagina, Dirty Latte Sanchez, Spoonful of Semen, Just Ricki (now Clamburglar), Nice Tits (crippled, rode in bag car), Taj My Hole (Sweat Test Failure), 8 virgins and a few others, alcohol clearly prevented me from remembering the entire pack.

Thanks to Fri the 13th, the entire hash was at risk of bad luck. The only way to fight it was numerically, with 7 BEER CHECKS within 4 miles (see trail map below). Previous trails had promised a shitload of alcohol checks, so the pack may have been expecting a paltry 3 or 4 beer checks to substitute for 7. But, these hares don't fuck around.

BC#1: Shots of Lemon Drop Schnapps
BC#2: Shitty beer in a park
BC#3: Spiked Watermelon
BC#4: More shitty beer at Krusty's
BC#5: Jello shots
BC#6: Shitty beer at PSA's
BC#7: Spiked Gatorade in a park
On-in: Tonya Hardon's basement

Crucifux RA'd loudly and unprofessionally (hashlike behavior!). There were down-downs for the hares, partial nudity as evidenced by anonymous shots of bearded clam on my camera, and 8 virgin dementings. The entire pack was really drunk by this point and nobody had a beer-proof notebook handy. One down-down, however, was worth documenting.

The pack was warned early on to hold on to the red solo cups they received at the beginning of trail. Their reward at the end was beer in circle. Floppy Dick, however, lost his cup just before circle. Finally, the elusive Cumbridge down-down is caught on film...

Krusty the Meat Miser

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Aaron said...

oh. my. god. that was so wrong. (And I've been hashing for 8 years).