Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CH3 Hash #10: The Spring BEER Mile

It's Spring, and the change of seasons brings with it yet another debaucharous Cumbridge Beer Mile. Come on out to see who's fast, who's slow and, most importantly, who boots.

A beer mile involves 4 quarter miles and 4 beers. Drink a beer, run a lap. Do it 4 times and you've completed a beer mile. Congratulations! Any vomiting results in running a penalty lap but not a penalty beer. Click here for complete rules.

Crazy on-after times in Central Square!

When: Friday, May 2nd @ 630pm HST, heading to Magazine St Beach at 700pm.

Where: Meeting @ Riverside Pizza, 305 River St, Cambridge, MA. Trail will be marked from Central Square T on the Red Line.

Hash Cash: $5 for runners and spectators, beer for all (yay!) but food not included.

Who: Dumb, dumb half-minds. That means you! And me!

Krusty the Meat Miser

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