Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hash Trash: Rock Band Hash-stravaganza

This recounting of the Rock Band Hash-stravaganza is mostly a pictorial study as the scribe was laying trail while most of you wankers were doing and saying stupid shit.

Hare(s): Wang Chunks, Krusty the Meat Miser
Bag Car: Nice Tits, Just Jinn
Pack: Goat Throat, Bend Over Mommy, High Anus, Drippy Spigot, Crucifux, Wooden Eye Fuck Her In The Ass, 1-900-CUM-4KIX, Save a Tree Ride a Cowboy, Nipples Erectus, Piss Stop, Ken Doll, European Whore, Shorn Scrotum, Peppermint Pussy, Stretch Pussy, Dude Where's My Virginity, Catheter the Great, G-String, Goes Down on Buoys, The Sound, The Furry, Just Katie, Virgin 'stina, Virgin Anthony, Bleeps Sweeps and Creeps (Seacoast H3), Catcher in the Thighs (visitor)
Late Cummers: Taj My Hole, Sugar Plum Fairy, Snatchsquatch, DEEP Black Hole

Hi-Fi in Central is known for cardboard pizza slices that taste great when you're hammered at 3am. Aside from that, it serves beer and was the launching point for the Rock Band Hash on Friday, Mar 14th. Trail began across Mass Ave and quickly went into Central Square, only to wind south down Brookline Ave to a healthy checkback. It brought the pack through a dog park, with several mounted cannons. Though an ideal place for a shotgun check, the hares opted to have the pack work a bit harder for lukewarm cans of Natural Ice.

Trail then circled around the MIT athletic fields and eventually on them towards the track. This is where the hares had the pleasure of watching a confused pack from the top of a parking garage across the street. Eventually, trail was found across the street and over the railroad tracks to a check. The pack ran parallel to the tracks and proceeded to run RIGHT BY the next mark on some stairs. The stairs led to a footbridge, which High Anus found using his Rock-Star-sense. The pack trickled in, thirsty for their cans of Miller High Life and Natural Ice.

The Beer Check...
Yup, he's one of the guys responsible for trail.

And he accidentally went on a gay date once.

Performing "cannilingus". Anyone have the number for rehab?

After much merriment at the garage, trail went through some interesting buildings and other parts of the MIT campus. It led to a Jack Daniels check (unofficially endorsed by Slash!) in an amphitheater. From there, the pack was led to Kendall Square and the entrance to MIT's underground tunnels. The pack gave the hares a scare by nearly snaring us at the end of the tunnels but we managed to get our urine-soaked shorts to the on-in, the Thirsty Ear just before the pack.

Circle was held in the loud, crowded bar. I'll be honest, I was drunk and don't remember much and nothing was recorded because the Cumbridge H3 is illiterate. So, instead, the story of circle will be told in pictures...
The virgins and on-trail rock stars give their best rock star poses

G-String gifts Krusty with his namesake...see any resemblance in the hair?

The final down-down is now notorious in the circles of both the Cumbridge and Boston hashes. It's the newest CH3 sensation, the "Your Daddy Should've Worn a Rubber" down-down. From now on, at every CH3 hash, nominations will be taken and whoever has done the most galactically stupid thing will drink from a condom. Goat Throat earned this one by wearing a canadian tuxedo (jeans+jean jacket) and a Molson Canadian biking shirt. He also earned it because we know he'll do just about anything. In this case, that meant drinking beer out of a condom...

The condom is loaded.

Help with the down-down.

Savoring the taste.

So, anyone who's done something stupid, ask Goat Throat for some advice on how to get that taste out of your mouth.

Oh, we also played a bunch of Rock Band at the Thirsty Ear.

The next Cumbridge hash will be on Tue, Apr 15th, kicking off a week's worth of hashing, leading up to the Boston H3 Marathon Hash! Click here to register for the Boston H3 Marathon Weekend Hash.

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