Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CH3 Run #6.9: The Winter BEER Mile!

Due to the unseasonably warm weather and the seasonably cheap cost of PBR, the Cumbridge Hash House Harriers present their Winter Beer Mile on the SECOND FRIDAY of February.

A beer mile involves 4 quarter miles and 4 beers. Drink a beer, run a lap. Do it 4 times and you've completed a beer mile. Congratulations! Any vomiting results in running a penalty lap but not a penalty beer. Click here for complete rules.

Come out to see who boots! Who doesn't! See if Goat Throat, the man without a gag reflex, will be there defending his title! See if Wang Chunks runs in jeans again! See who's flirting with the male bartender after the beer mile (God, please let it be SPF)!

Hope to see you there. Details below...

When: Friday, Feb 8th @ 6pm HST, heading to the Tufts track at 645pm. Due to time constraints, no late entries once the beer mile starts.

Where: Meeting @ Powderhouse Pub, 682 Broadway, Somerville, MA.

Hash Cash: $5 for runners and spectators, beer for all (yay!) but food not included.

Who: Dumb, dumb half-minds. That means you! And me!

Krusty the Meat Miser

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