Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CH3 Hash #16: Isexcapades!

What: Why, a Cumbridge Hash, of course...the Isexcapades!!
Hares: Schindler's Fist and Just Michele, who debuted two months ago at the Cumbridge Hash and is now a virgin hare!
Bag Car: Cougar Consulting
Where: Tavern on the Square in Porter...1815 Mass Ave...take Red line to Porter, turn left as you exit, don't cross any major roads (too dangerous for you wankers!), Tavern is on the right. Trail WILL NOT necessarily be marked from the T. But seriously, it is simple...even simple enough for YOU.
When: Friday, Jan. 23, 6.30 HST
  • A bi-athalon of sorts--you may just like skating for the other team.
  • Hot (or at least lukewarm) chocolate on trail. (Yes, yes, with peppermint schnapps)
  • Cold. And more cold. Please please dress warmly. Drink checks and circle will be outside and we don't want to listen to you whine. Plastic bags over your socks will get you heckled-- 'grow some balls!' --but will also keep you warm.

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