Sunday, December 30, 2007

CH3 Holiday Hash Trash!

When: Dec 14th

Pre-Lube: Riverside Grill

On-In: Joey Mac's

Hares: Krusty the Meat Miser, Wang Chunks and, as bag car, SATRAC

Pack: Nice T!ts, G-String, Goes Down on Buoys, Bend Over Mommy, Pubic Service Announcement, High Anus, Spunk in the Trunk, Jolly Green Vagina, Tonya Hard-on

After a snowy Nor'easter tore through town, the Cumbridge hash bravely met up at the Riverside Grill in Cambridge for a hash that promised to be knee deep in the white stuff. The
hares wasted no time in laying a Checkback off the first check then throwing the red powder in the deep snow of the park between River and Western. Trail wound through Cambridgeport, eventually leading to Wang Chunk's backyard where the pack enjoyed flasks of Christmas Cheer (aka Peppermint Schnapps).

After this cheer stop the hares gained nearly a 2 minute lead as the pack was anxious to find trail. The hares were so full of holiday cheer they nearly sh!t tinsel and Xmas lights in the Central Square vicinity after turning to see Buoys only a block away. This was an occasion to turn on powder.

After winding through the streets of Cambridge, there was a beer check at secret hare PSA's place. Actually, it was more on her stoop. The pack enjoyed Harpoon Winter Warmer and Sam Adams seasonal. Then it was off to hash toward Tommy Doyle's in Kendall, jumping on the railroad tracks and heading toward Cambridge St. The pack, it seems, had to dodge live trains in order to get back on the sidewalk.

When the pack arrived at Joey Mac's it was deemed way too small for circle, so the hash headed to the parking lot next door. Down-downs were performed on the knees (bitches!) so everyone was soaked through during circle. Accusations flew fast since we had a lot of good beer to finish. The only memorable one was Jolly Green Vagina drinking for hoarding porn on trail that he stole from PSA's bathroom. Circle was closed with a rousing version of "Today is Monday..." and everyone went home quietly to prepare their mullets for the Redneck Holiday Party the next day.

Krusty the Meat Miser

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